Horse Education Course – Advanced | 2 pmts of $675

$675.00 / month for 2 months

Date: October 14-16, 2022
Location: Paso Robles, CA
2-pay Payment Plan: Make two (2) equal payments of $675 each over 2 months.

    • The first payment of $675 is due upon registering,
    • with one (1) additional payment of $675 to be charged in 30 days.
  • This fee covers three full days of instruction from Kasia, lunches, drinks, and snacks
  • It does not include breakfasts, dinners, airfare, lodging, or transportation to or from the facility

Advanced Level (for those with strong basic foundations of safe and comfortable interactions with an average horse, intermediate level of an open and creative approach to unexpected and/or difficult situations, looking for stretching their learning zone with “green” and unpredictable horses):

  • Practicing quick recognition of horses’ feedback and practicing a safe approach to unusually-behaving horses
  • Deepening creativity around communication with horses that have little or negative experiences with people
  • Strengthening the connection with your own resources, including space and body awareness, trusting your own intuition, resetting your physical and emotional balance
  • Learn how letting go helps gain progress with the horse. Master the art of release in critical situations
  • Becoming a better person through interacting with horses

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