Practical Foundations of Horsemanship: March 3-5, 2023, Paso Robles, CA

Advanced: april 28-30, 2023


**Advanced Horsemanship Q&A call recording with Kasia linked here!**

Horse Education Hands-on Courses

The purpose of these 3-day horse education courses is to equip Equus Coaches and other horse enthusiasts with sufficient understanding and experience with horses to build safe and enjoyable relationships with them. Although these are not “how to become a horse trainer”  courses, attendees will learn handling methods and use training equipment that supports effective communication, promotes safety and allows for various interactions with horses according to the attendee’s level of experience.

All courses will be 3 full days, taught by instructor Kasia Roether.

Courses will be limited to 6 participants to ensure quality one-to-one interaction with horses and your instructor.

All horse education courses are open to the public as well as to Equus Coaches. If you are interested in joining the Advanced Course, please listen to the Q&A with Kasia. If you still have questions after listening to the recording, please reach out to us at

Location: Paso Robles, CA

Cost: $1,350

  • This fee covers three full days of instruction from Kasia, lunches, drinks, and snacks
  • It does not include breakfasts, dinners, airfare, lodging, or transportation to or from the facility

Questions about which level might be best for you can be directed to and we will set up some time for you to connect with Kasia directly to get your questions answered.

Practical Foundations of Horsemanship

For those with no, or very minimal, experience with horses and fear of close encounters:

  • Practicing finding comfort and safety around the physical presence of horses
  • Learning about horses’ natures while approaching, haltering and leading them around
  • Safe implementation of intentions about creating movement with horses
  • Basic care and ideas for creating comfortable interactions with horses

Beginner classes are open to the public, so anyone with an interest in horses can join, whether or not they intend to become Equus Coaches.

For those who are considering joining the Equus Coaching Course but don’t have horse experience and want to get a little more familiar with horses before signing up, this is the perfect course for you! You’ll learn how the Center approaches being in relationship with horses and see if this feels like it could be a good fit.

— OR–

For those with basic experience with approaching and leading, comfortable around well-known and quiet horses, trained in traditional methods and looking for a different approach, looking for more hands-on time with new horses and an opportunity to deepen existing confidence:

  • Recognizing behaviors of unknown horses and practicing flexibility of approach
  • Practicing effective communication and understanding of horses’ feedback while facing obstacles and strange objects
  • Deepening fluency of the energy used during interactions with horses
  • Addressing individual troubleshooting with horses

Advanced Course

Click here to listen to the Advanced Horsemanship Q&A call with Kasia from July 5th, 2022.

For those with strong basic foundations of safe and comfortable interactions with an average horse, intermediate level of an open and creative approach to unexpected and/or difficult situations, looking for stretching their learning zone with “green” and unpredictable horses:

  • Practicing quick recognition of horses’ feedback and practicing a safe approach to unusually-behaving horses
  • Deepening creativity around communication with horses that have little or negative experiences with people
  • Strengthening the connection with your own resources, including space and body awareness, trusting your own intuition, resetting your physical and emotional balance
  • Learn how letting go helps gain progress with the horse. Master the art of release in critical situations
  • Becoming a better person through interacting with horses

Refund Policy:

For cancellations made 60 days prior to the published date of the Horse Education Courses, the Center for Equus Coaching will offer a full refund.

For cancellations made between 59 to 31 days from the start of the program, we offer a 50% refund.

For cancellations made 30 days prior to the program start date, no refunds will be offered.

Please note that any payments made that are non-refundable can be applied to a future Equus Coach® Training, program, workshop, or event, to be used within one year.