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What Are Equus Demo Days?

  • Equus Demo Days are 2- to 3-hour live demonstrations of Equus Coaching that take place across the US and around the world
  • Designed for small groups, they give attendees the opportunity to watch Master Facilitators demonstrate how horses can help us gain a new level of awareness of how our outer world is often an unconscious reflection of our inner world and how we can consciously shift it
  • Master Facilitators coach 1-2 volunteers live during each event
  • Not to worry – you don’t have to work directly with a Master Facilitator for this event to be life-changing and meaningful. Just witnessing a live coaching demonstration, like what you’ll experience at any Equus Demo Day, can help you become aware of old patterns that may be keeping you stuck.

The unique power of this facilitated style of personal development work is the immediate, clear, and unbiased feedback horses provide. Our equine partners are gentle teachers acutely aware of our internal emotional and physiological states.

Why Horses?

Horses’ inherent gentle nature, curiosity, and desire to work within a herd or community lead them to seek connection, even with potential predators like people. Yet unlike humans, who have been socially trained to form judgments and think in terms of “right and wrong,” horses reflect only the truth of the present moment. Horses give us remarkably clear, direct, and rapid biofeedback that accurately mirrors back our internal states.

As a result, Equus Coaching clients are able not only to perceive their own internal patterns in a profound way, but also to practice implementing a genuine shift in their behavior. Stepping into the ring with a horse can help you identify communication patterns that play out in your personal and professional life as well as model the type of connection you wish to have – with yourself, with others, and with the world around you. Moreover, because horses are completely at home within themselves, they are excellent teachers of how to reconnect with our own deep truths and inner calm in times of chaos and change.

    Equus Demo Day Benefits

    During a 2- or 3-hour live demonstration, at a location of your choice, you will:

    • Gain personal awareness of how your internal emotional states can create profound ripple effects in your external environment, affecting both your personal and professional relationships
    • Observe powerful new ways to achieve life-changing insights into inner roadblocks with horses as your guide
    • Connect with a Master Facilitator (perhaps, a future mentor) in your area
    • Make new friends to share your journey to greater well-being
    • Have the opportunity to volunteer during the session and you could be coached live! Or, if you prefer, witness a live coaching demonstration.

      This Event Is for You If You Are:


      • An executive or manager – learn how to lead from a place of quiet confidence
      • teacher or parent – learn how to communicate from a place of deep peace instead of reactivity
      • physician, therapist, or counselor – learn how to help others navigate the chaos of immense change
      • partner, spouse, friend – learn how to set healthy loving boundaries
      • team member – learn how to collaborate and communicate in new ways
      • Anyone interested in clear, immediate feedback to help cultivate peace, connection, and vitality

      No previous horse experience required. No riding required. All activities take place on the ground.

      Come as you are. It’s okay to be afraid of horses. If you feel pulled to attend this event, know that our Master Facilitators have years of experience gently and safely guiding participants at their personal level of comfort around horses.

      All this for just $25! Each Equus Demo Day is designed to make the transformative power of Equus Coaching affordable and accessible to all. Feel free to bring your friends and family and enjoy sharing this experience together!

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