Become an Equus Coach

Open Now!

Fall Registration

Deadline to register is August 20th

Onsites (Scottsdale, AZ.):

  • November 4-7, 2021
  • March 24-27, 2022
  • November 10-13, 2022

Zoom classes:

Tuesdays, beginning August 24, 2021 at 10:00am PT | 1:00pm ET

What You’ll Learn

  • Basic horsemanship and safety (no prior experience needed)
  • How to interpret horse feedback to fuel personal development for yourself and clients
  • Methods to strengthen and expand upon your existing skill sets in order to help others
  • How to combine proven life and leadership coaching techniques that generate faster results
  • Improve your ability to “read” people
  • The energetics of communication and authentic leadership
  • Effective approaches to interpersonal and intuitive development
  • The ability to provide effective 1-1 coaching sessions with clients

What You Can Do as an Equus Coach

  • Fulfill a deep desire to truly help others
  • Provide equine-facilitated activities for individuals, couples and families
  • Add Equus Coaching to your existing practice
  • Facilitate trust building exercises
  • Provide a way back to nature
  • Encourage people to be themselves
  • Demonstrate how to be present and live in the moment with the help of a horse

Course Design

  • Over 30 live, small-group video conferencing classes led by our experienced instructors.
  • A comprehensive curriculum designed to help you gain the theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to become a masterful Equus Coach capable of facilitating life-changing encounters with horses.
  • A dedicated community of Master Facilitators and Equus Coaches who will be there at every step to ensure you get the guidance, support, and encouragement you need to reconnect with your own true nature and learn to guide others skillfully through this powerful process
  • Three 4-day hands-on trainings (on-sites).
  • Three one-on-one mentorship calls with your teaching instructor to check-in after each on-site
  • No extra fees or costs to become a Certified Equus Coach.
  • 5-month and 12-month payment plans available to help make this investment in your personal and professional development more manageable.

Topics Covered in the Training

  • Equus Coaching Fundamentals – learn and implement core coaching principles as well as how to blend these coaching principles with the feedback from the horses.
  • Equine-Assisted Activities – learn experiential activities with horses
  • Business Fundamentals – learn basic steps for setting up a successful practice (or enhancing your existing practice) including setting up a partnership with an equine facility in your area.
  • Marketing – examine strategies to introduce your Equus sessions to your community.
  • Ethics – engage with guidelines about Equus Coaching.
  • Horsemanship – learn the fundamental horsemanship skills you need in order to safely facilitate the equine experience

Video Conferencing Classes

Over 30 classes taught on Zoom (video conferencing platform)

This course includes interactive classes — that take place via Zoom — designed to teach and practice the fundamental coaching tools that we will be using during the training. Enjoy connecting and learning alongside your cohort as our highly-skilled instructors guide you step-by-step in cultivating new levels of awareness and the powerful coaching tools we use to support clients.


On-site #1

The first on-site is designed to help you get a leg up in understanding the equine world as well as to experience and practice the skills you will eventually be sharing with your clients.

During this first on-site, you will learn the basics of being an Equus Coach. This on-site will be led by our team of instructors.

We will help you gain the necessary awareness and skills for how to work with horses and understand the wisdom of the language of Equus. We will also be facilitating Equus Coaching sessions for you that will help you shift the areas in your own life where you are feeling blocked or unsure. We believe strongly that in order to truly serve clients well we have to genuinely open ourselves to dissolving the patterns that no longer serve the life we want to create. Only then can we help our client to cross the same bridge. This on-site is four full days of laughing, exploring, playing, connecting and peeling away all of the cultural layers that prevent us from feeling free to be our wholehearted selves.

Are you new to horses? Don’t worry for those of you who are new to the horse world. We’ll spend the first few days during this on-site helping you develop your skills, overall understanding and awareness of all things equine.

Are you quite familiar with horses? We’ll support you in furthering your horsemanship skills and deepening your relationship to these remarkable teachers.

On-site #2

The second on-site is a 4-day Equus Coaching intensive and practicum where you will begin to practice your Equus Coaching skills with your fellow classmates. You will receive plenty of feedback and support from your instructors while developing your skills at working alongside your equine partners to better serve your clients.

On-site #3

The third on-site is a 4-day gathering where you can practice implementing your new skills with volunteer clients! You will receive support as well as detailed feedback and assessments from your instructor. During the first two days of this final on-site, we will also be taking the time to see where you might need further support with your overall horsemanship skills. Then, on the remaining two days we’ll bring in volunteer clients from the local area for you to practice your Equus Coaching skills.

This is a powerful opportunity to assess all that you’ve been learning and explore the implementation of your Equus Coaching. Your instructors will offer you detailed feedback to assess the areas where you’re highly effective as well as the areas that may need further practice or focus.

Certification Process


At the conclusion of your 3rd on-site, we’ll arrange a one-on-one call with you to assess any further practice needed to be submitted for video review. You will be eligible for certification after all your assignments and volunteer hours have been completed.

To receive your certificate of completion, you will be required to:


  • Attend all three on-sites
  • Turn in homework assignments from all of the classes
  • 5 hours of riding lessons. (If you are already a rider, choose a discipline with which you are unfamiliar.)
  • 5 hours watching and observing horses simply being horses in an open pasture
  • 20 hours doing any type of hands-on experience with horses or learning about the horse industry. (If you are already very familiar and highly experienced with horses, these 20 hours can be spent coaching clients. Choose the area where you feel you need more practice.)
  • A minimum of 25 hours practicing 1-on-1 Equus Coaching. Coach at least 5 different individual clients in private sessions (not a workshop setting). They can be volunteer or paying clients.
  • Have at least 5 clients submit feedback to us for review
  • Submit a video to be reviewed of any remaining skills assessment we may need to see after your third on-site

Registration Process and Fee Schedule

Program Fees & Tuition
The cost of the Equus Coaching Course is $10,750 (payment plans available below).

Your tuition includes:

  • Over 30 live interactive calls of thorough in-depth curriculum
  • 3 – Four-day Equus Coach on-sites with a variety of highly skilled teaching instructors
  • Lunches, drinks, and snacks at the on-sites
  • Three 1-on-1 mentorship calls with your teaching instructors
  • Your Certification process
  • Tuition does not include breakfasts, dinners, airfare, lodging, or transportation to or from the facility.

For LMFTs, LPCCs, LEPs, and LCSWs, there’s an additional cost for Continuing Education (CE) credit (up to 54 hours) and will be billed separately. Learn more.

We know that this program is a significant investment of your time and financial resources, and we take that to heart. We have carefully structured our curriculum to ensure you will be equipped with everything you need to become a successful Equus Coach. We offer one of the most comprehensive programs available, with a high instructor to student ratio, and a supportive community dedicated to your success.

Please email us at with any questions or schedule time to speak with Erin Cutshall, our program advisor.

To Enroll in Our Equus Coach Training

Place a deposit of $875 to hold your spot or choose your payment plan option or to pay-in-full. Then, check your inbox for a confirmation email that will include class information plus a link to a brief questionnaire that helps our instructors get to know you better. That’s it! No other preparation is required. Just come as you are, where you are.

Now, when you register early, you will receive a $500 discount off your tuition fee! It’s our gift to encourage you to take this next step in your personal and professional development.

Tuition Assistance Program

We offer a tuition assistance program for a limited number of students for each class. In order to apply for this program, please send an email to with a request for an application. Applications will be processed on a first-come-first-serve basis and will include a request for demonstration of need. If your application is approved and you are accepted to the program at a reduced rate, an offer will be sent to you, at which point you will be able to choose whether or not to accept it and join our training.

Payment Plans

Upon registering for Equus Coach Training, you may select a payment plan or you may hold your spot with a nonrefundable $875 deposit.

If you place a deposit, you will be asked to select one of the following payment plans before the first class begins.

The Koelle Institute offers payment options to help support you in your investment.

Your payment options include:

  • Pay-in-Full: $10,750 upon registering for Equus Coach Training, we will apply your deposit fee and/or early bird discount where applicable.


  • 5-pay Payment Plan: Make five (5) equal payments of $2,150 each over 5 months. The first payment of $2,150 is due upon registering for Equus Coach Training, with four (4) additional payments of $2,150 paid over the next four months. Adjustments will be made to your monthly amount to apply any deposit fee and/or early bird discount where applicable.


  • 12-pay Payment Plan: Make twelve (12) equal payments of $896 each over 12 months. The first payment of $896 is due upon registering for Equus Coach Training, with eleven (11) additional payments of $896 paid over the next 12 months. Adjustments will be made to your monthly amount to apply any deposit fee and/or early bird discount where applicable.

Your Health and Safety is Always a Top Priority

We have been, and will continue to, monitor the ever-evolving COVID-19 situation closely and make changes accordingly to ensure our training operations remain in compliance with the CDC’s guidance on safety and prevention.

Refund Policy

For cancellations made 60 days prior to the published start date of our Equus Coach Training or Master Facilitator Training, the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching will offer full refund.

For cancellations made between 59 to 31 days from the start of your program, we offer 50% refund.

For cancellations made 30 days prior to the program start date, no refunds will be offered.

Your deposit of $875 is non refundable but can be applied to future programs or events within year.

Please note that any payments made that are non-refundable can be applied to future Equus workshop, 1-on-coaching requests, future Equus Coach Training or Master Facilitator Training program, to be used within one year.

If you become sick or need to leave the training to care for loved one who is sick with COVID-19, or lose your primary source of income during the training due to COVID—know that you will have the option to postpone your training and resume at future cohort, or receive pro-rated refund if you’ve paid in full.