Certified Master Facilitators

Coaching Sessions for Groups and Teams

Benefits for your group:

  • Better teamwork
  • Increased engagement and motivation at work
  • Team building and bonding
  • Goal setting
  • Visibility into existing behavioral patterns or roadblocks
  • Improved and more effective communication

    Long-term results for organizations

    • Better customer engagement
    • Higher profitability
    • Higher productivity
    • Better retention
    • Fewer accidents
    • Better communication and teamwork
    • More trust and openness
    • Better outcomes

    Coaching Sessions for Groups and Teams

    To find a Master Facilitator to work with your group or team, use our search feature below.

    Please note that each Master Facilitator has his or her own business and are their own free agents. They do NOT act as representatives of the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching or the Center for Equus Coaching LLC. The coaches listed here have learned the work taught by the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching and integrated this understanding with their own personal tools, business model, and personal style of communication. All Master Facilitators are required to uphold a good standing with our code of ethics, guidelines and best practices.  If you have any concerns regarding a certified Master Facilitator and/or would like to provide us with feedback, please email support@equuscoach.com.