Field Trip to Personal Wholeness

A Series of Tele-Classes & Coaching Sessions

facilitated by Koelle Simpson, Michael & Lynn Trotta, Jennifer Voss, Boyd Varty, and Ashley Jansen

To start out, here are a few general resources that you are likely to reference frequently. We have put these at the top of the page for easy reference!

* Class Welcome & Overview
* Meet Your Facilitators

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CLASS 12: Cultivating Presence and Stillness

taught by Ashley Jansen, Jennifer Voss & Koelle Simpson Class Topic:  Cultivating Presence and Stillness Class Overview Audio 1 – Cultivating Presence & Stillness Audio 1 – Transcript Audio 2…

CLASS 13: Shaping and Supporting Community

taught by Koelle, Michael, Jennifer, Boyd & Ashley Class Topic:  Shaping and Supporting Community Class Overview Audio 1 – Shaping & Supporting Community (There is no transcript for Class 13.)…

CLASS 6: Myth, Mischief, and Meaning Making

taught by Michael Trotta & Ashley Jansen Class Topic:  Myth, Mischief, and Meaning Making Class Overview Audio 1 – Myth,  Mischief, and Meaning Making Audio 1 – Transcript Audio 2 –…