Equus Coaching Resources

Hello, Equus Coaches!

Please use these resources to refresh and maintain your coaching skills.


Herd Support Call Library

Length: 0 minutes

Herd Support Call Library Download: Herd Support Call with Erin – February 16, 2024 Download: Herd Support Call – November 17, 2023 Download: Herd Support Call with TJ – August 18, 2023 Download: Herd Support Call with Travis – May 26, 2023 Download: Herd Support Call with Erin – February 17, 2023 Download: Herd Support Call […]

Continuing Education

Length: 10 minutes

Informational Handout Teleclass Outline What You Need to Know About Equus Coaching & Trauma Continuing Education Telecourse

Equus Coaching Handbook, Mentorship & Certification Details

Length: 10 minutes

Welcome to Equus Coaching! Below you will find links to some general resources available to the entire Equus Coaching herd.  These are updated as needed and will be available in our Equus Coaching Resource Library after you graduate from the course. Within the handbook are talking points to help you confidently answer the most common […]

Sample Equus Coaching Forms and Letters

Sample Friends and Family Letter Sample Informed Consent Sample Disclosure of Concurrent Treatment Sample Intake and Welcome Sample Facility Introduction Letter Sample Facility Agreement from Kelly Eide Sample Facility Agreement from Renee Sievert

ECC Assignments – Ethics

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

As you listen to the audio, listen for the answers to these questions. Submit your answers in the Google worksheet link below. Audios for Ethics Ethics & Prof Responsibility (1 of 3) – 48 Minute Class Ethics & Prof Responsibility (2 of 3) – 12 Minute Q&A Ethics & Prof Responsibility (3 of 3) – 39 Minutes Ethical […]

ECC Assignments – Equine Senses

Length: 10 minutes

Horses gather sensory information in some ways that are fairly similar to humans and in some ways that are quite different. As prey animals, horses pay particularly keen attention to their environment. This environment includes clients during equus coaching sessions. Consequently, understanding how horses gather information about their environment through their senses can help you […]

ECC Assignments – Equus Coaching Skills

Length: 10 minutes

Below are a variety of demonstration videos in which Koelle breaks down different Equus Coaching exercises and helps guide you through some of the more technical aspects to help you communicate using the non-verbal language of equus. Videos in this section: Round Pen Demonstration  (33 min) Herding Exercise Demonstration (27 min) Instructional Video on Pasture […]

ECC Assignments – Lameness Labs

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

Given a horse’s four limbs and a variety of different strides of movement and speed, lameness in a horse is not always obvious. As an Equus Coach it will be extremely important for you to be able to identify a lame horse so that you can ensure that the horses you work with are healthy […]

ECC Assignments – Equine Care & Management

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

Even if you never plan to own a horse, as an Equus Coach you will be working with horses from various facilities and stables. It is important to know the basics of equine care and management so that you can work with your or others’ horses respectfully. Moreover, horse owners will be more likely to […]

ECC Assignments – Equus Theory

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

Below is a series of videos that discuss some key elements about a horse’s general psychology and common herd behavior.  These characteristics and natural equine behaviors are important for an Equus Coach to understand so that s/he can effectively partner with horses. Knowing more about why horses do what they do will enable you to […]

ECC Assignments – Review of the Equine Skeleton [Optional]

Length: 10 minutesComplexity: Easy

Horses have evolved from the size of a small dog to a large diversity of breeds. Familiarizing yourself with the underlying bony structure of the skeleton can help you understand how a horse disperses its weight and what a well-balanced body conformation looks like. This in turn can help you understand if you are working […]