Equus Coaching Resources

Hello, Equus Coaches!

Please use these resources to refresh and maintain your coaching skills.


ECC Assignments – Equine Senses

Horses gather sensory information in some ways that are fairly similar to humans and in some ways that are quite different. As prey animals, horses pay particularly keen attention to…

ECC Assignments – Equus Coaching Skills

Below are a variety of demonstration videos in which Koelle breaks down different Equus Coaching exercises and helps guide you through some of the more technical aspects to help you…

Herd Support Call Library

Herd Support Call Library All prior recordings, including Download: Herd Support Call – May 21, 2021 Download: New York Times Article – Herd Support Call – April 5, 2021 Download:…

Continuing Education

Informational Handout Teleclass Outline What You Need to Know About Equus Coaching & Trauma Continuing Education Telecourse