1:1 Equus Coaching Sessions

Welcome! This page has been created to offer you support materials for your private Equus Coaching session. We recommend that you review the first 3 topic videos prior to your in-person session if possible.

Once your private session is complete, you will likely want to re-visit this page.  If you feel inclined, you are welcome to review the additional videos and topics shared here to further support you integrating the insights that often arise during a private Equus Coaching session.


Topic 2

Blind Spots: How Personal Trauma Can Lead You From Perfectionism to Truth Here you will find the recordings of Blind Spots: How Personal Trauma Can Lead you From Perfectionism to…

Topic 3

A Demonstration of Koelle Sharing About Equus *VIDEO

Topic 4

The human mind’s development of verbal language has become a wonderful gift that differentiates us from the rest of the animal kingdom. However, with this development also comes certain forms…

Topic 5

Our ability to create a story about any given subject matter can have a rather powerful effect on our nervous systems.  In this tutorial you will gain more insight into…

Topic 6

As human beings we connect with people all throughout each day. Often, we are not fully conscious of the fear and anxiety they might be carrying with them from one…