Sarah Overcash

Sarah Overcash

Sarah has an array of personal life experience and practical learning in her life. Her experience and love for horses began in childhood, and has evolved through different forms of connection with them. After being introduced to equine assisted learning while working on her own personal challenges the experience was so profound she began searching how to get certified in this transformational and experiential work with horses. She soon retired from her nursing career of 35 years, and is now a Certified Equus Coach.
Her goal as a coach is to allow individuals to show up in an authentic and safe environment, to explore and find their own language of heart, and personal truth, viscerally through mirroring of the horse.
Sarah has a Bachelor of Science from University of Montana, and is a Retired Registered Nurse , Certified in Fundamentals of Natural Lifemanship.

South Carolina
United States
The Center for Equus Coaching