Horse Education Course – Intermediate


Date: October 29-31, 2021
Location: Paso Robles, CA
Cost: $1,350

  • This fee covers three full days of instruction from Kasia, lunches, drinks, and snacks
  • It does not include breakfasts, dinners, airfare, lodging, or transportation to or from the facility

Intermediate Level (for those with basic experience with approaching and leading, comfortable around well-known and quiet horses, trained in traditional methods and looking for a different approach, looking for more hands-on time with new horses and an opportunity to deepen existing confidence):

  • Recognizing behaviors of unknown horses and practicing flexibility of approach

  • Practicing effective communication and understanding of horses’ feedback while facing obstacles and strange objects

  • Deepening fluency of the energy used during interactions with horses

  • Addressing individual troubleshooting with horses

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