Continuing Education (CE) Credits for Equus Coach Training for Therapists & Mental Health Professionals




Up to 54 Continuing Education (CE) Credits are available for the Equus Coach Training for Therapists and Mental Health Professionals program. CE Credits must be purchased separately.

Course Objectives:

As a result of completing the Equus Coach Training, attendees will be able to:

  • Apply experiential methodology to enhance existing services offered to clients outside of the office
  • Discover ways to blend current knowledge and skills with the feedback from horses to significantly impact client progress
  • Examine which clients will likely benefit from the addition of experiential-based modalities
  • Develop a sound foundation of equine psychology and horsemanship skills, which will enable the practitioner to safely add equine services to their work
  • Explore avenues for setting up a partnership with local equine facilities to offer Equus Coaching sessions
  • Skillfully utilize evidence-based, experiential techniques that will assist clients to transform the way they treat themselves and create authentic, healthy, open-hearted relationships with othersNote: CE Credits are available for US students only.