Maureen Donoghue

Maureen Donoghue

Maureen's 30-plus year career has spanned from classroom teacher to technical trainer to corporate management consultant. Fortunate to work both nationally and internationally, with a lifelong passion for learning, she studied psychology and with her Master's degree pursued a concentration in counseling. Maureen went on to follow a Master Meditation Teacher for 20 years. She then 'discovered' horses.
Graduating from Koelle's 2011 Equus Coaching Program, Maureen partnered with Marlene Armstrong (Class of 2012) to launch 'Unbridled Coaching'. Maureen and Marlene have had the privilege to partner in turn with the horses at Foxview Stables, whose wisdom and coherence inspire every day. As a result, clients from 15 to 80 years of age - moms and daughters and families - have connected with what they truly want in life and, with grace and compassion, have realized those dreams.

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