Marni Schmid

Marni Schmid

Marni Schmid uses a blend of Equus, Mind-Body, and traditional coaching plus Reiki, and astrology to help others identify how they’re morphing and contorting themselves (so much that they feel stuck and trapped) to facilitate their movement into a new place where they get to feel rested, aligned with their work, true to themselves, and healthier so they can actually enjoy life both in and out of the office. 

Marni partners with horses to provide a safe, supportive space for clients to explore their circumstances and identify ways to prioritize their needs, get unstuck, and continue to be of service to others from a place of freedom and authenticity.  Her horse partners are based in Gregory, Michigan (just over a half-hour NW of Ann Arbor).

Certified Master Mind-Body® Life Coach, Certified Equus Coach®, Certified Soul’s Calling® Coach and Facilitator, Martha Beck Trained Life Coach, Debra Silverman Trained Astrologer, Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master, BBA Finance, MBA Marketing and Strategy 

Ann Arbor
United States
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