Malou Anderson-Ramirez

Malou Anderson-Ramirez

Malou is from SW Montana where she grew up on her family’s working ranch. In 2007, after graduating with a degree in psychology, she became certified through NARHA and EAGALA, exploring different equine therapy programs. She moved to San Diego, where she worked as a behavior interventionist/instructor and met her husband Dre. After moving to Texas, she continued work in behavioral sciences. For over a decade, she and her husband Dre have lived on the family ranch where she spends her time tending and caring for land and animals (specializing in coexistence education between grizzly bears, wolves, cattle, and people) and raising her lovely daughters. Malou is grateful and humbled to be a lifelong horsewoman, experiencing and witnessing the growth and deep reflection that comes with partnering, listening, and caring for our natural world, including horses and many other creatures.

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