LaShonda Janae

LaShonda Janae

I am Grateful you’ve taken the time to read about me! I am LaShonda Janae, owner of LaShond Janae LLC - MindBody Healing Oasis. I help people know that their MindBody is a healing Oasis. Including Equus Coaching into my wellness practice has been an honor and a mind blowing experience. My intention is to inspire freedom in people's lives,  knowing what is possible as they co-create with themselves, the horse and I. I ask clients, “What if you being you is the greatest gift you offer the world?”. I help facilitate the expansion of this question with Equus Coaching, energy healing and more. 

I am a mom and have 2 granddogs! They are the reason to say “yes” to doing life every day! 

I have a BA in Chemistry and a Masters in Business with a Healthcare Administration Concentration

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