Jutta Thoerner

Jutta Thoerner
Jutta Thoerner

I came to the Koelle institute very curious: was there another way to be with horses besides training them? Born and raised in Germany on a large Horse farm, for me, horses have always been easy to talk to.  It was the human animal that I had difficulties connecting with. My 1st two day workshop with Koelle in 2014 opened a door that I did not want to close again. Since then I have been on a rewarding journey of discovering the beauty of  human connection. The community and safety of our ‘herd’ is a rewarding experience that I would be honored to share with you as your coach. Please visit my website that I operate with my friend and fellow Master coach Kasia Roether or e-mail me to set up a session.
When I am not coaching I work on my organic Walnut Farm in Paso Robles, CA.

Paso Robles
United States