Janine Davis

Janine Davis

Janine’s an Executive Coach/Facilitator for VC-backed startups & high growth companies, spanning large global organizations to early-stage startups in various industries. She’s a former CIO/CTO and spent 20 years in People Operations.

She lives in the intersection point between science and human experience. Her superpower is combining these to support leaders in realizing their purpose, objectives, potential, and vision. Her approach blends organizational development best practices with depth to yield sustainable change. She’s trained in neuroscience and understands the emotional and physiological processes required for transformation. She’s been a horse person since she was a little girl, and is thrilled to partner with these incredible animals to deepen that transformation in her clients!

She also runs leadership development programs with wolves as well as with wild animals in Kenya! Certified Dare to Lead™ Facilitator and certified in Enneagram.

Los Angeles