Janene Axt

Janene Axt

Janene is a coach who is all about helping you look inside to discover or rediscover your essential self, to connect with and follow your dreams and destiny.  She and the horses will take you on an exploration to add laughter and joy in your life, to see, accept and love your  wholly created, perfect blend of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual YOU.
Janene's background is mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and includes 13 years of Capital Project Management with a Master's in Airport and Airline Management.  Between personal life and professional life, Janene has been there, gone through the fires and come out on the brighter side. With a Life Coach certification from Martha Beck and Equus Coach certification from Koelle Simpson, Janene invites you to visit her at her website  and PLAY - Perpetually Learn About Yourself with the amazing reflection from horses where you will see your True Reflection.

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