Frida Karsberg

Frida Karsberg

Frida’s lifelong love of horses and her desire to help people to discover their authentic selves led her to become a certified Equus Coach.
Born and raised in Sweden, with a successful career in television, Frida left it all behind to start anew in the United States. The experience of starting over brought into focus what is important for Frida – how we can discover true meaning in life and tap into our inherent strength and resilience.
Frida takes advantage of her second language barrier to listen carefully and translate back insights that get to the root of core issues. Through the wisdom of the Equine guide, Frida helps clients experience what it is like to live in the present moment and identify what is real in their lives.
Frida holds a Bachelor Degree in Education from the University of Stockholm.
Frida is certified Equus Coach® through the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching®

Los Angeles
United States