Dorothy Palmer

Dorothy Palmer

Dorothy Palmer is a certified Martha Beck Life Coach and certified Equus Coach who works with people struggling in relationships of all kinds. Raising four boys, all with varying degrees of attention and hyperactivity advantages including herself and her husband, Dorothy's unflagging need for solutions to hell and back situations with the family led to thirty years of therapy and courses in self discover - she learned how to live deliberately and remap beliefs, thought dissolve and eventually, life coach and equus coach.
Her uncanny sense of the human dilemma combine beautifully with the tools and techniques of how to proceed towards understanding and awareness of what makes life work best. Dorothy is now ready to share her insights and knowledge with those still struggling to find a peaceful solution to everyday problems, or individuals that are stuck in indecision or apathy. Dorothy coaches over the phone to simplify accessibility and bring a sense of ease to the process. Even more popular is Equus Coaching which Dorothy does on her beautiful farm in Johns Island, South Carolina.

Johns Island
South Carolina
United States
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