Deanne Rose

Deanne Rose

Deanne Rose attained her counseling license in 1994.  For over fourteen years, she worked in private practice with many individuals and families in healing and resolving issues.  During that same period, she began renovating houses which lead to a love of real estate.  Eventually, she committed to a career in real estate which lasted over eighteen years.

When Deanne began spending time with horses in 2015, her heart called her back to the healing profession.  She is thrilled to be working alongside her horses assisting individuals transform destructive patterns, increase self-understanding, and grow in self-worth and self-acceptance.  Watching the combination of counseling, coaching and horses improve the lives of others has been such an amazing experience for her.  She is passionate about this work and its’ potential to heal a person’s life.  To learn more about how to work with Deanne, please visit her website.

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