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“Equus Coaching offers us beautiful tools to go out and change the world one person at a time. This work has really helped me witness how I show up and what I bring to my relationships.  As a result, I’ve learned to see myself more clearly and I’m able to help support my clients and fellow Equus students in their own learning process.”

Renee Sievert – Equus Coach Master Facilitator

“When I first signed up for this work, I was familiar with horses, but I didn’t really know what I was in for. I initially wasn’t so comfortable being the focus of attention and I tended to deflect on what might be happening for the horse. With the support of the Equus Coach, I was able to see that the horse was actually embodying an extension of myself. I was able to see how I was shaping and creating the events in my life. I now really appreciate a much richer sense of who I am.”

Willow Vetch – Equus Coach Master Facilitator in Training

“In one of my first Equus Coaching sessions, I discovered how tight and stressed I became when I tried to ask for something I wanted. It was obvious that I was struggling to embrace my value and allow myself to truly connect with something I wanted in my life. In that moment, I realized I wanted to sign up for the Equus Coach Training. I wanted to begin a new journey towards the relationship I was having with myself and learn to celebrate my own needs.”

Susan Terry – Equus Coach in Training

“Equus Coaching enables us to share the magic and wisdom of horses with others. I love having an opportunity to facilitate this work and witness others embracing a moment of learning that allows them to grow from the inside out. I find this is a rare opportunity to connect with nature and the greater meaning of the universe.”

Kasia Roether – Equus Coach Master Facilitator

“Initially I felt a strange compulsion to experience this work for myself. Now I’m thrilled to be supporting the design and over all instruction of the Equus Coach Training. It’s remarkable to witness each student explore a deeper awareness of their own energetic patterns and transform their lives.”

Jennifer Voss – Equus Coach Training Coordinator

“After an experience with Equus Coaching, I took the lessons back to my relationships at work. I started to allow myself to show up to connect with others in a more authentic way. I was blown away with how our usual ways of dialoging and interacting with one other immediately shifted. For me, this experience is profoundly different from other forms of therapy given in that it is a real-time practice and visceral measurement of how I’m actually feeling and how I’m actually showing up in a given moment. It’s been life changing.”

Kit Weis – Equus Coach in Training

“This work helped me to recognize when I was forcing things, when I was trying not to be vulnerable or weak as a man in any way. It also gave me a powerful visceral awareness of when I was simply allowing myself to be authentic and transparent. I realize now that when I connect with a visceral place of authenticity with myself and allow others to witness me they feel more trusting and connected to me.”

Richard Griffin – Equus Coach Master Facilitator in Training

“The work of Equus Coaching has been so powerful and transformation for my own life. It’s nice that I can now integrate what I’ve learned on a deeper level by having the opportunity to share the learning with someone else.”

Travis Stock – Equus Coach Master Facilitator

Koelle Simpson is a horse whisperer and life coach. Most recently featured on the OWN Network series "Finding Sarah," Koelle's message has made profound impact on leaders, corporations, and change agents around the world from South Africa, Europe, UAE, Canada, and the United States.

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