What I’m Learning About Presence

Kasia Roether
November 2022

One of the most important things that drew me, the professional horse trainer, to Equus Coaching was how humans and horses were invited to interact during coaching sessions. For the first time, I saw perfect conditions supporting building a genuine relationship, deepening trust, forming a connection, and experiencing growth between horses and humans. As a non-traditional trainer, I often experienced the benefits of being around horses. Still, Equus Coaching created the opportunity to open and share the healing space with others.

Equus Coaching incorporates horses into client sessions, making our coaching methods stand out among other modalities. I have been involved with The Center for Equus Coaching for more than 10 years and am very proud of the horse education offered through our training. It equips future Equus coaches with the most appropriate horse-handling tools. The horsemanship curriculum is founded on knowledge and respect for horses’ nature and the safety of everyone involved in the sessions.

As most of you know, learning with horses never ends. Therefore, every chance to spend time with them presents a unique opportunity to broaden the awareness of one’s existence and the surrounding reality. To cultivate this expansion, The Center for Equus Coaching offers the Advanced Horsemanship Class, of which I am privileged to be the teaching instructor. 

When I say I feel privileged, it is because I get to observe and be part of some fantastic, heart-expanding transformations between humans and horses. The phrase “advanced” motivates growth, awakens curiosity, and brings out fears in those who sign up. I see it as a beautiful state of mind, ready to grow and learn in the presence of horses that always show up naturally (I am leaving out the label “challenging” on purpose). During such interactions, the participants receive a perfect opportunity to deepen their self-awareness and skillfully use it in creating sustainable connections around them. They get to master, what I call, the Art of Humanship. 

I love witnessing participants embrace the challenges, turn expectations into openness and inquiry, and connect to their truth and wisdom. My heart fills up with awe watching them handle potentially tricky situations in a calm, gentle, and safe manner that supports everyone’s learning. My trust in the philosophy of mutual respect and understanding grows stronger as I observe the changes in horses’ behavior and progress in their connection with humans. I grow in my skills when they share how learning with horses will improve their coaching abilities. Finally, at the end of the training, I go home believing that horses and coaching clients out there will have a chance for an even more incredible experience with Equus Coaching. 

If you would like more information on upcoming offerings for horse education, please check The Center for Equus Coaching website at https://equuscoach.com/horse-education-courses/ 

The Center for Equus Coaching