What I’m Learning About Presence

Erin Cutshall
August 2023

Community is something that we all need and want.

Like horses, humans are herd animals. When I first went through Equus Coach Training in 2011, I didn’t really have what I would consider a strong community. I knew there was something missing, but I couldn’t quite understand how to create it. Equus was the beginning of something new for me and as I’ve watched group after group go through Equus Coach Training together and watched them find their communities as well, I’ve started to understand what happened, for me and for them.

When humans get together with a shared goal and a shared purpose, which we often do, we begin the process of creating communities.  When I found Equus, I found something different. We were there to learn a new skill, but there was also the added component of showing up vulnerably, bravely and with a strong desire to create meaningful change in ourselves and our worlds. When we were going through our training together, outside, in nature, with horses as our guides, we were able to tap into places in us that would never have been accessible in other communities. As a result of this unique space, I created strong friendships that are still my closest to this day, 12 years later.

When people sign up for Equus Coach Training, I know they will learn a skill, dive into deeper places inside themselves than they ever thought possible, and I also know that they will share that with the people they are there with and they will form beautiful communities as well. I’m excited every time we begin a new class and I’m grateful beyond words for this unexpected gift in my world…a community I love and cherish every day.

The Center for Equus Coaching