Nina Clark Ericson, Ph.D.

Nina Clark Ericson, Ph.D.
Nina Clark Ericson, Ph.D.

Equus Coaching combines Nina’s lifelong love of horses and helping people. Nina, who has her Ph.D. in Psychology, has years of experience as a psychologist and an executive coach. In her Equus Coaching, Nina partners with the horse, interpreting how the horse is mirroring the patterns and energy of the client. She insightfully helps both individuals and couples shift negative internal dialogue and develop strategies to continue that transformation outside of the session.
In addition, Nina specializes in doing Equus Coaching to help executives develop authentic leadership and strengthen their communication skills. She works with teams to improve their collaboration.
Nina loves to help her clients lead more empowered, mindful lives. Please contact her to schedule your individual, couples’, family, or corporate workshop session.

Palo Alto
United States