Lori Moskal

Lori Moskal
Lori Moskal

Lori helps people shift from head-driven solutions to ones that incorporate the intelligence of the body, emotions, and life itself. The heart of her work lies in cultivating people’s ability to develop insight as they strengthen awareness in their bodies. It is from this visceral vantage point that they are able to ‘see’ themselves clearly, becoming more trusting of their internal experience, making decisions that are reflective of who they really are.
A National Certified Counselor, Lori holds a Master’s degree in Counseling from the University of San Diego. She spent over a decade working in universities helping learners integrate their education and interests to pursue meaningful career paths. Her continuing education includes certification as an MBTI Practitioner, a Registered Yoga Teacher and an endorsed Mind-Body Coach. She has been a passionate student of dressage since the age of 12.

Los Angeles
United States