FAQs about Equus Coach® Training by Student Coordinator Lori Moskal

Honor Medina
September 2021

What inspired you to become an Equus Coach?

I started off my career partnering with horses back in 2006 using the EAGALA model. While I enjoyed working within the EAGALA model, I wanted to learn more. I found out about Equus Coach training from Renee Sievert and I jumped at the chance to learn more.

Can you tell us a little about the process of how you expanded to provide Equus sessions to your clients in addition to your existing business?

In 2010 my husband Bill Medina built a round pen on our small farm. With only a round pen and a paddock, I started to provide individual and family Equus sessions. I started with Equus Private sessions first, then opened my private therapy/coaching practice in 2014 at the farm. As my practice grew, I added an arena and have the privilege of taking care of 4 horses. I now provide Equus coaching to groups, businesses, individuals, and families.

I didn’t do a lot of traditional marketing. I did start off with a basic website, but what grew my practice was talking to who ever would listen about Equus Coaching. Word of mouth from clients was another strong contribution to the growth of my practice. I don’t rely solely on Equus Coaching. My soul work is healing trauma. Clinical Hypnotherapy is what I love as much as working with horses.

What do you think Equus sessions can offer that traditional coaching/counseling/therapy sessions do not?

Equus sessions are experiential which is particularly useful for humans who learn best by experiencing what they are trying to learn. Equus sessions elicit emotion organically without heavy reliance on talking. I love how horses naturally create a safe container for humans to heal emotional wounds.

What has coaching through a pandemic taught you? What have you learned from the horses?

The pandemic didn’t change a lot for my practice. I have two outdoor locations for Hypnotherapy and the Equus sessions take place outdoors. All the services I provide except for Equus, I can facilitate via Zoom.

Horses have taught me to trust my gut. I have always been able to see “energy” and auras and did not understand this was a gift until Equus Coaching came into my life. Horses see, sense, and feel their way through the world. Now I do the same. Horses have taught me my wisdom is within and my fuel is connection.

What advice do you have for other coaches/counselors/licensed therapists who might be thinking about expanding their services to include Equus Coaching?

Stay curious and open to learning. Curiosity and learning kept me open to making mistakes and learning from them.