What I’m Learning About Presence

Erin Cutshall
December 2021

It’s with gratitude that I reflect upon the changes and firsts that have transpired over the course of this year. I’m sure for most of us, this year has been about adapting to new ways of living and working, while trying to move through uncertainty with courage and grace.

Last year, during the height of the pandemic, I took over as owner of the Institute. As much as I was excited, optimistic and brimming with ideas, this new beginning also came with a little trepidation. Where do we go from here? And how? 

When the uneasiness of change enters our lives and resets the course, and the way forward seems unclear, it can be a reminder to go back to basics – and go back to nature. The horses continue to show me the importance of mindfulness. They remind me that being grounded creates trust, and when there’s trust, there’s room for hope, healing and new opportunities. That’s what I see for our community – hope, healing and so much to look forward to!

I’m grateful to be part of an incredible team and community. And I’m proud of what our Equus herd has accomplished this year, as individuals and collectively. Here’s a brief look:

*Certified 15 new Equus Coaches 
*Certified 3 new Master Facilitators
*Certified 6 new Mentors
*Held 9 onsites
*Taught 102 tele-classes 
*Enrolled 31 new Equus Coaching students
*Added ICF Certification options to 2 of our programs
*Hired Lori Moskal, our new Student Coordinator
*And, this month marks the first anniversary of our newsletter

We’re fortunate to have such a tight-knit group, and supportive people in the Equus community. Please remember you can always reach out to me, another coach, or a trusted friend if you’re feeling isolated or need support.

I want to wish all of you peace and good health this holiday season. 

See you in the pen!

The Center for Equus Coaching